Tuesday, June 12, 2012

In-call - Midtown West
 on table

Out-call - Manhattan only
Most clients have their own table, or I can work you on the bed or the floor.

The massage I offer is based on Deep Tissue/Sports Massage, which tends to be rather specific. I blend it with the more gentle and sweeping strokes of Swedish Massage and add other modalities if I see that your muscles respond to it better.
The benefits and uses of massage seems to be an endless list that grows every year from research and people's individual experiences.  It ranges from the obvious release of muscle tension and stress, to the specific hormonal and psychological balancing effects.  If you came to this site, I assume you most likely already know why you are looking for a massage.  Please contact me if you are uncertain if massage will help, or is even advisable, in your specific situation.  

I have given massages since I was a kid, and worked professionally since 1994.  My clientele has been top dancers and athletes - both when injured and at their best - to the less active couch potatoes and everything in-between.

Singing Bowls
A few years ago I got certified as a facilitator in sound and music healing.  The way I bring it into my practice, so far, is through Tibetan Singing Bowls.  Before we start with the massage part, I play them on your body through your clothes, if it something you are interested in experiencing.  The sound itself is rather unique and when played on your body the vibrations help to loosen you up and relax you in a very different way.  Both for the back and how it vibrates deeper into the hips they seems to be favorites.  

A few people's reactions have been:
"That sound is other worldly, it takes you somewhere!"
"Lack of better words..  That was a spiritual experience!"
"I still feel the sensation of them vibrating..!!" (30 min. after I played them on the body)
"I just want to sleep now."  (longer session with only bowls, no massage)

To most people it is rather powerful, and as you might see from the comments above, everybody's reaction is different - just physical or psycho/spiritual as well.  The first time we use them I only do it for a few minutes to see how you integrate it.  Let me know beforehand that you want them and I will set it up to be ready for you  - please wear lose-fitting clothes as I never play them directly on the skin.

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